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Hesston 4600 baler parts

23.10.2020 By Vujas

Implement Alley. Shop Now. View Cart. Allis Chalmers. Farmall IH. Ford 9N,2N,8N. John Deere. Massey Ferguson. Hesston square baler. View previous topic :: View next topic. Any one have or used one of these inline square balers? Were they one of the first inline squares lots of problems? Good baler or one to avoid? Back to top.

Hesston 4600 square baler

We had one when they were pretty new at the time and they were a darn good baler, big capacity and made a nice heavy bale. Thanks for the replies. There is one for sale not too far from me, we could stand to have a little newer baler more reliable than what we have now. Called the Agco dealer this morning for info on the Hesston balers and he has a Hesston for a little more than what the is listed for.

Now I'm wondering which one I should go checkout? Each is about an hour away one West and one North. We have a that dad bought new. Not one problem ever from it. I could count on both hands how many bales its missed in its life. That is normally when we tie the two bales of strings together and it is where it is trying to tie the bale. The only down side of them is on one side of the bale it isn't as "pretty" as a side delivery baler. I would go for the I'm pretty sure it's newer than the I'm also pretty sure it is the same baler, but with different paint as the MF - which IMHO is an excellent baler.Jump to content.

You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 03 April - PM. I have a Hesston small square baler vintage that I have been using for the past 10 years for baling grass hay. It seems to work ok but tends to produce oversize bales when the windrows get big maybe ft high and ft wide. I try to make a 70 lb bale, 14 x 18 x 42 in long to fit into my bale wagon. I try to slow down or speed up to keep the intake full of hay to try to keep the bales a uniform wt and length.

It will take a lot of hay at the higher speeds, but I run the risk of plugging the intake or getting huge flakes and bales too long for the bale wagon.

I have about 35 acres of irrigated grass hay and make 2 cuttings per year.

Production varies from ton per year. I'm thinking of upgrading to a Hesston or or a or possibly to a newer Heston or The plunger has 92 strokes per min. The newer models have plungers with strokes per min. I am wondering if the newer models will bale faster than the and allow better control of the bale length without reducing the speed so drastically.

It probably wouldn't hurt to come into the 21 century with my equipment. Posted 04 April - PM. Consistency in making bales comes mainly from having consistent windrows that allow you to find the sweet spot speed wise to produce a consistent bale length and flake. The or 90 are excellent. I don't think you make enough hay to justify a new baler Or maybe find a good used They have upturning auger kits now for these balers and I would recommend one if you have been having some issues plugging.

Posted 05 April - AM. Thank you, Mike for the input. If I am patient and wait until the hay is dry before baling and adjust my speed to the density of the windrow I can avoid plugging. To reduce drying time, we do use a three wheel rake to gather and turn the windrow.

Hesston 4600 Hay Baler - Parts Catalog

My baling sweet spot is with the moisture content. I got to thinking about the 92 vs strokes per min and realized that the tractor rpm must be at the full pto rpm to get the 92 strokes per min.By JeffJune 16, in Coffee Shop.

We are looking at a Hesston inline baler to bale our wheat straw. Does anybody have anything good or bad to say about one? My brother and dad have one and they love it, it has a ton of capacity and is very dependable. The only thing is the bale slices are odd as in the top and bottom of the bale are like the sides of a normal bale do to the hay being stuffed and cut on the bottom like a big baler.

We have a we bought new that had been a very good baler. Had some issues with it last year though, didn't notice the plunger safety spring broke and it clobbered the needles as well as the yoke they ride on, not a real fun or real cheap fix.

Had some issues with long bales so we greased the knitters more and that seemed to solve it. Think we were told about every or so bales to grease them. This past winter we went over the baler with the dealers inspection program and fixed what needed it. We rebuilt the pickup and a bunch of other things. On the bars for the pickup if you ever buy one remember to price on for the equivalent CIH baler as when we bought them hesston was twice CIH price but CIH were 6 weeks backordered.

Bottom line, really good baler. If you have any other questions I might be able to help as we had the thing pretty well tore apart to rebuild it. So I looked at it today. It was a nice baler, before it was left outside for the last five years. And before the needles got wadded up by the plunger as the seller demonstrated it to me. I may pass on this one Coffee Shop Search In.

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hesston 4600 baler parts

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Hesston 4600 Parts Manual

Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 16 April - PM. I have the chance to buy a hesston small square baler.

Paint is ok, tires hold air and was last used two years ago. Anything I should know about this model, good or bad. I've never ran an inline baler before so shure on any big differences compared to a side pull baler.

Posted 17 April - AM. To my knowledge the is NOT a small sq baler as it bales with 4 strings. Having said that as far as I know it's a good baler, the price seems low so one would have to assess the condition of the machine.

If you could post pictures that would be of great help. Posted 17 April - PM. The was the first generation of small square inline, see a few for sale each year in this area. I don't think they have the capacity of the later models.

There was a smaller baler then, because, shortly before FIAT acquired hesston's hay line, I was at the dealer and saw an inline for a 2-string regular bale and after talking to him I said you must have sold quite a few and he replied This was I have a friend that has one and he loves it.

It is a wire baler and he wishes he had another one. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Hesston small square baler pros and cons Started by foremanApr 16 PM. Please log in to reply. Posted 16 April - PM I have the chance to buy a hesston small square baler.

hesston 4600 baler parts

Thanks Ethan. Posted 17 April - AM I have the chance to buy a hesston small square baler. Posted 17 April - AM The was the first generation of small square inline, see a few for sale each year in this area.

Posted 17 April - PM The was the first generation of small square inline, see a few for sale each year in this area. Posted 17 April - PM thanks for all the info, unfortunatly the baler sold. Posted 17 April - PM I have a friend that has one and he loves it. That is a hella of a price. Really look it over close.

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Hesston 4600 DeSoto

For additional terms please see our policy page. Big Square Baler Parts Available:. Big Square Baler Parts. The trend towards larger, more sophisticated, more productive and higher cost machinery makes it more important than ever that you get the most for your money. You'll also be able to extend the life of your equipment because our parts are just made better, better steel, better fittings, etc.

hesston 4600 baler parts

We test each part on an actual big square baler to assure the quality and fit before sending it out to you.It includes detailed pictures and diagrams giving you direction on assembly and disassembly. It also gives you a guide, with part numbers, for ordering replacement parts, and helps you to be much more informed when talking to the dealer.

Many service manuals, after telling you how to disassemble, in detail, and how to repair, will simply say reassemble. The Hesston Parts Manual can help you out with an exploded view of your system, and you can immediately see how it all goes back together. You need the parts manual! We have added updates and supplements whenever we could, often times our manuals are better than what was available when the equipment was new.

Hesston Parts Manual is a digitally enhanced reproduction of the original manufacturer issued Parts Manual written in simple, clear and effective way. It covers all aspect of assembly, disassembly, exploded view and parts number of components of the equipment.

Hesston Parts Manual category: parts manual Hesston Parts Manual tag: hesston, parts manual, parts catalog manual, parts diagram manual. Additional information Weight 3. Search for: Search. Your Cart.When it comes to putting up hay, time is of the essence.

When your baler breaks down, please turn to www. Before you start your search for baler parts, know the specifics of your machine. Knowing this information will speed your parts lookup. Your Baler parts needs are just a click away, 24 hours a day.

hesston 4600 baler parts

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Round Baler. Square Baler. Driveline by application. Bearings by application. Hay Tool Parts. Always use the same ply construction for all belts.

Two-ply and three-ply construction do not react in the same manner under tension. Use of different ply construction will create an unequal load situation and the baler will not perform properly. Check all bearings for movement without drag or noise. Lubricate or replace as required. Check for bent or broken rollers and replace as required. Free all rollers of rust an foreign material buildup. Eliminate catch points; weld splatters and sharp metal edges.

Replace all worn belts at the same time.