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Gossip girl season 1 episode 6 online subtitrat

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Jenny is busy lying to her dad about a party that she's planning, but he saw the website for her shindig and knows what she's up to. He decides to think about things before confronting her. Eric wants to know why Jenny hasn't been returning his calls. Jenny thinks he's jealous of Asher and is flattered E has a crush on her.

She mentions that she would just love to meet Serena, who she's, like, totally never met before in her life. Dan runs the idea by S, but she's too busy studying to take her SATs. They plan a big dinner for the next night instead. As Dan walks out of the school, he sees Asher making out with Rufus turns to none other than Lily for advice about Jenny Taylor Momsen. He knows she's been lying, but Lily Kelly Rutherford tells him that she'll come back to him soon.

The meeting turns awkward as Rufus sees Lily try on her wedding dress. Dan decides to confront Asher with the news that he saw him making out with a guy, but Asher gets all defensive and homophobic. Jenny interrupts and immediately takes her boyfriend's side. Dan asks Blair Leighton Meester and Serena for some advice, and B tells her that Jenny's only gonna believe the scandal if she hears it straight from Gossip Girl. Soon enough, everyone in school knows that Asher was caught making out with a guy.

Gossip is great, but Blair is determined to get some evidence. Photo evidence. Blair's girls steal Asher's Jesse Swenson phone and forward all of his incoming e-mails to Blair's inbox. Jenny is feeling awkward about her boyfriend's possible homosexuality. She confronts him, and he tells her that he's only dating her so she'll look good in front of her friends.

In case there aren't enough scandals in this episode, Serena Blake Lively receives a video full of debauchery from Georgina. In the video, we hear G telling some guy to set a camera up, and then it sounds like a gulp threesome going on. Jenny apparently lost her virginity to Asher. Dan is furious, but Jenny explains that it's a lie concocted to cover up the gay rumors.Forgot your password?

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No one knows Gossip Girl's identity, but everyone in this exclusive and complicated vicious circle relies on her website and text messages for the latest scoop. Whatever the reasons, the change in Serena is obvious, especially to Blair, whose friendship with Serena has always been competitive and difficult.

In the wake of the scandalous Kiss on the Lips party, Serena receives an ice-cold reception from her best friend, Blair, who reveals that she knows Serena slept with her boyfriend, Nate, before mysteriously running off to boarding school. Serena decides to take Dan to archenemy Chuck's fundraiser brunch at The Palace.

And Jenny seeks advice from Blair, who realizes she may have something to gain by allowing Jenny into her inner circle. Jude's prepare for a much-anticipated visit from Ivy League representatives, Blair uncovers scandalous information about Serena that may not remain a secret much longer.

Dan has his heart -- and future -- set on serving in the coveted usher position for the Dartmouth representative. And Rufus must swallow his pride and ask Lily for a favor to help his son, Dan. Blair is thrilled when her mother chooses her to be the new face of her clothing line.See our picks. At a privileged prep school for teens on Manhattan's Upper East Side, the students first learn that Serena van der Woodsen is back in town the way they learn all the important news in their lives: from the Internet blog of the all-knowing, albeit, ultra-secretive 'Gossip Girl'.

No one knows Gossip Girl's identity, but everyone in this exclusive and complicated vicious circle relies on her website and text messages for the latest scoop. Even Serena's closest friend, Blair Waldorf, is surprised to find that Serena has suddenly ended her self-imposed exile from a boarding school in New England and returned to Manhattan for school. Once the Upper East Side's most notorious party girl, Serena's reasons for returning are mysterious, although they may have something to do with her younger brother Eric, who's secretly in the hospital following a suicide attempt which is kept under wraps by their overprotective mother Lily.

Whatever the reasons, the change in Serena is obvious, especially to Written by CW TV. This series debuted in and I watched it for the first time mid June I was very reluctant being that I'm a Male for one and I thought this show catered to a more female crowd.

Yes, it was on the CW I judged that too but I recently watched riverdale season 1 and liked it. Being a 30 year old Male is irrelevant! I was hooked immediately! I cared for these characters in such a little time and was invested. I've only seen 7 episodes so I felt it was best to review the pilot for anyone debating jumping in or not because I dont know how other seasons are.

Right now its extememly addictive and it is substance it's not just eye candy as many people say.

Theres story to be told and felt. I connect with characters feelings with things even though they may live a different life like in all TV shows. So what that their all rich and I prefer the actors to be attractive!

I dont want to watch a show with regular looking people like in lifei want to escape life and see people like this that feel how I feel with things. I think that's a vastly overrated opinion saying characters are too good looking. If they werent that would take me out of the story! Would you like to watch a drama with people that have yellow teeth? Their actors. Anyway, i love very intelligent shows too.

I actually prefer celebral series rather than spoofed ones but this is just refreshing in a way that feels light hearted and reminds me of the days when I was addicted to The O. Blake Lively is beautiful and the characters so far have shown redeemable qualities.

Watch out for Nate. I have a feeling I'm going to like him even though hes first presented as someone topical. I think theres a lot to him besides looks and the lifestyle that makes him very unique to this show so my money is on him rather than the obvious Dan.

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Synopsis "Gone Maybe Gone" is the first episode of the sixth and final season of the American television teen drama, Gossip Girl and the show's th episode overall. Gossip Girl follows the lives of a group of young adults coming from a wealthy background. Upon its initial airing, the episode was viewed by 0. Despite the low ratings, the premiere received mixed to positive reviews from television critics praising the writing, except the development of Rufus and Ivy's storyline, which was criticized.

Season 6.

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Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1. Similar shows. Dawson's Creek. The O. Game of Thrones.

gossip girl season 1 episode 6 online subtitrat

Trailers and Extras. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links on this page. Send MSN Feedback. How can we improve? Please give an overall site rating:. Privacy Statement.Is that couscous? Since when are chins so unrecognizable? Is she, in fact, black?

Plus 2because you just can imagine one of those whores stealing your boyfriend. Plus 1because sometimes our moms are shallow bitches, too. Only someone over 20 would think to actually pay a dealer for some disco dust. Not a trophy wife? Like when Dan and Serena try to ask each other to the masked ball and neither is really paying attention to the other.

gossip girl season 1 episode 6 online subtitrat

Teenage boys are not quick-witted enough to make the right joke at the right time. She wears scarves in warm weather! She is not a girl who ponies up for the yellow chariot. No, no, no. Come on, the joke practically writes itself! Being 16 is all about long-term relationships! Including Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow? Which leaves us four points on the fake side, which is a little wrong, because compared to the great rehab escape ofthis episode was basically a documentary.

We may have to rejigger our point system. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. Sign Out. Season 1 Episode 6. Tags: tv tv recaps overnights recaps gossip girl More. Most Viewed Stories. Promoted links by Taboola. More Stories.TV Schedule. Sign In. Gossip Girl — S1, Ep1. Error: please try again.

The privileged prep school teens learn that Serena van der Woodsen is back in town.

gossip girl season 1 episode 6 online subtitrat

S1, Ep2. In the wake of the scandalous Kiss on the Lips party, Serena receives an icy cold reception from Blair. S1, Ep3. Blair uncovers scandalous information about Serena; Dan sets his sights on impressing the Dartmouth representative. S1, Ep4. Blair is thrilled when her mother, Eleanor, chooses her to be the new face of her clothing line; Serena and Dan are reminded once again that they come from two very different worlds; Nate and Chuck indulge in a boys' weekend to blow off steam after Ivy Week.

S1, Ep5. Dan makes elaborate plans to impress Serena on their first official date; Jenny is invited to the infamous Blair Waldorf sleepover and finds herself in a high-stakes game of truth or dare; Lily discovers Eric missing from his treatment center, and seeks help from her ex-boyfriend, Rufus.

Gossip Girl 1x17 - Old Serena is Back (Part 1\3)

S1, Ep6. Dan is torn between two girls when his childhood friend Vanessa returns home and declares her feelings for him. S1, Ep7. Serena and Dan finally acknowledge they are crazy about each other; Jenny discovers a secret about her parents; Blair is once again devastated by Nate's actions. S1, Ep8. Blair puts on a happy face for her 17th birthday party and attempts to hide the truth from her friends. S1, Ep9.Blair Waldorf impreuna cu prietenele ei Kati Farkas si Isabel Coates, frecventeaza liceul si petrecerile pretentioase, alaturi de parintii lor bogati.

Blair este invidiata de adversarele sale, pentru ca se presupune ca ea are o viata perfecta, nu doar pentru ca are un prieten frumos, Nate Archibald, ci pentru ca planuieste sa urmeze facultatea sa de vis, Yale. Autentificare Inregistrare Recuperare parola Ramai conectat. Parola va fi trimisa pe adresa de email. Introduce numele tau de utilizator sau adresa de email. O sa primesti un link unde sa-ti activezi noua parola. Autentificare Inregistrare. Acasa Filme Seriale Stiri.

Intra in cont. Incheiat Gossip Girl. Creator Josh SchwartzStephanie Savage. Anul Televiziune The CW. Episodul 1 42 min 1 x 2. Episodul 2 42 min 1 x 3. Episodul 3 42 min 1 x 4. Episodul 4 42 min 1 x 5. Episodul 5 42 min 1 x 6. Episodul 6 42 min 1 x 7. Episodul 7 42 min 1 x 8. Episodul 8 42 min 1 x 9. Episodul 9 42 min 1 x Episodul 10 42 min 1 x Episodul 11 42 min 1 x Episodul 12 42 min 1 x Episodul 13 42 min 1 x Episodul 14 42 min 1 x Episodul 15 42 min 1 x Episodul 16 42 min 1 x Episodul 17 42 min 1 x Episodul 18 42 min.

Episodul 1 42 min 2 x 2. Episodul 2 42 min 2 x 3. Episodul 3 42 min 2 x 4. Episodul 4 42 min 2 x 5.